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Experience internet the way is should be ~ ~ fast and no data cap  Television
reception is separate from your modem connection. This service is available to members only, keeping users to a minimum, resulting in a faster and more reliable connection to the Internet.  Billed to you on your monthly cable bill.

PC Minimum Requirements:

CPU Speed:  Pentium 166

RAM:  64 mb

Monitor:  SVGA or XGA

Available Hard Drive Space:  110 mb

CD  Drive

Operating System:  Win 98 or higher

USB port or Network Card

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Residential Use:


Installation fee:  $50.00


  5 packages available ~ Choose a package that best fits your needs and finances

3 Mbps download* / 512 Kbps upload

6 Mbps download* / 1 Mbps upload

10 Mbps download* / 2 Mbps upload

25 Mbps download* / 3 Mbps upload

50 Mbps download* / 5 Mbps upload


Please call the office for prices


*These are maximum cable system speeds, not effective internet speeds, as we are unable to control bandwidth speeds outside our system. 

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Commercial rates also available


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