Complaint Procedures  

Iron River Co-Op TV strives to resolve any complaints concerning its Service as expeditiously as possible. Iron River Co-Op TV maintains offices and trained maintenance staff to be promptly available to you upon request, and technical personnel will be dispatched as warranted. Should you have any complaint regarding quality of service, equipment malfunctions, or similar matters, please contact Iron River Co-Op TV at 906.265.3810. If a complaint remains unresolved, you may elect to write a brief explanation of the complaint and actions taken, and bring them to the attention of Board of Directors by mailing to Iron River Co-Op TV, Attn: Board of Directors, 316 N 2nd Ave., Iron River, MI 49935.

If your dispute remains unresolved (after contacting Iron River Co-op TV first), local governments may designate individuals, councils, boards, committees, or commissions to assist in resolving complaints and ensure compliance with all laws and regulations. Customers may request assistance from the Michigan Public Service Commission at 1-800-292-9555 or